Alisha Lehman-Wansing

We are very pleased also to recommend to all our friends the artist and web designer who conceived and created this web site, Alisha Lehman-Wansing of Beyond the Blue.

She focuses on offering a reliable, high-quality resource for art direction & conception, front-end project management and communication on an international scale.

With extensive experience in conception and art direction for several online projects and presentations, as well as front-end project management, Alisha's strengths lie in creative direction, identity design, creative and structural concepting, storyboarding and presentation + communication with clients.

Quick adaptation to net technologies allows her to provide accurate and targeted concepts for clients. Fluency in the leading tools for creating graphical user interfaces, in information design methodologies and implementation, as well as German and English are an important foundation for successful interactive concepts and online presentations.




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Alisha Lehman-Wansing