Our North American Partner,
Bob Moomey Communications
represented by Roy Heffley

Between 1973 and 2007 Bob Moomey trained thousands of executives from nearly half of Americas Fortune 500 and over ninety countries. Bob specialized in message development, presentation skills, media communication and crisis management skills.

For more than 20 years, Roy Heffley wrote and produced national broadcasts for Peter Jennings, Ronald Reagan, Sam Donaldson and many others. Among countless assignments for ABC News, He worked in the White House Oval Office and inside the Camp David family quarters as the network producer for then-President Reagan's live addresses. Before joining ABC News, he produced and directed Dick Clark's weekly music countdown and the National Symphony Orchestra's first season of live satellite broadcasts.

Based in the US, Roy brings a great understanding of the media and communications in difficult environments to his training and message development consulting for every client.

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