Conflict Management

Dr. Dudley Weeks in his groundbreaking work on conflict tells us that conflict is inevitable since people have different interests. In fact, conflict can be a springboard for achieving excellence and those who always avoid it are as dysfunctional as those who always escalate it into open battle. (This program can also be combined with the negotiation skills workshop.)

Topics include:

  • Conflict: good or bad?
  • Our personal style for handling conflict
  • Ineffective approaches to conflict
  • Conflict partnership process
  • Intercultural differences in viewing conflict

Typical workshop length: 1 day

Usual number of participants: 6 to 16

Methods: Short presentation of material, group work, role plays, discussion


Cross-Cultural Preparedness
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Techniques
Conflict Management
Customer-Oriented Selling
Trade Fair Selling
Global Team Building & Integration
Coaching Skills
Global Leadership Skills
Self-Assessment & Self-Management
Turning Pressure into Performance
Media Strategy & Crisis Response Planning