Cross-Cultural Preparedness

Employees who will be living abroad as well as those who often interface with colleagues, customers or suppliers in a different country can benefit greatly from a workshop focused on the differences between the countries in question, for example Germany and the USA. Programs focusing on more than two cultures are also possible with the aid of additional country experts.

Depending on the specific needs of the participants, topics may include:

  • A basic understanding of the role of culture in our business and private lives
  • Focus on daily life in the target culture
  • Identifying the differences in values, attitudes and behaviors between your home culture and the target culture
  • Differences in communication style
  • The role of perceptions and stereotypes in our global business
  • Relocation topics, also for family members accompanying a transferee (Accompanying spouses are urged to participate.)
  • Important legal differences (e.g. for the USA: hire and fire, sexual harassment)
  • Business topics like leadership, teamwork, goalsetting, deadlines and motivation

Typical workshop length: 2 to 3 ½ days

Usual number of participants: 8 to 16

Methods: Highly interactive with role plays, group work, video demonstrations and group discussions.


Cross-Cultural Preparedness
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Techniques
Conflict Management
Customer-Oriented Selling
Trade Fair Selling
Global Team Building & Integration
Coaching Skills
Global Leadership Skills
Self-Assessment & Self-Management
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