Global Team Building & Integration

This workshop is for actual teams, especially for newly-forming teams, those which have been reorganized or assigned new tasks and those whose members are not all located in one place. By combining best-practice techniques for effective teamwork with an opportunity for members to get better acquainted with each other and their tasks, this workshop can launch or revitalize a world-class team operation.

Workshops normally spend about 15% of their time learning effective team skills, then another 25% trying them out in theoretical exercises with facilitated analysis before spending the final 60% of their time exploring their own vision, mission, processes, interfaces and challenges with the facilitator serving as process consulting coach.

Typical workshop length: 2½ - 3 days

Participants: Actual teams of 10 to 40 persons


Cross-Cultural Preparedness
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Techniques
Conflict Management
Customer-Oriented Selling
Trade Fair Selling
Global Team Building & Integration
Coaching Skills
Global Leadership Skills
Self-Assessment & Self-Management
Turning Pressure into Performance
Media Strategy & Crisis Response Planning