Media Strategy &
Crisis Response Planning

In close cooperation with Bob Moomey Communications of the United States, this program gives anyone who may face journalists or broadcasters the skills to effectively get across his or her message. Such situations may occur in the event of a crisis but more often through informational programs and news interviews where a tremendous opportunity exists to get across your message - if you are prepared.

Typical workshop length: 1 day for media strategy and an additional day if crisis response is also included

Usual number of participants: 6 to 12

Methods: Presentation of concepts, plus all participants will have the experience of participating in several print and television interviews with professional interviewers.


Cross-Cultural Preparedness
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Techniques
Conflict Management
Customer-Oriented Selling
Trade Fair Selling
Global Team Building & Integration
Coaching Skills
Global Leadership Skills
Self-Assessment & Self-Management
Turning Pressure into Performance
Media Strategy & Crisis Response Planning