Negotiation Techniques

The Harvard model for successful negotiation developed by Professors Roger Fisher and William Ury at the Harvard Business School has become world-famous and has been used to effectively conclude business deals, union disputes and hostage situations.

Its focus on achieving long-term satisfaction for all negotiating parties has become known as the win-win approach. It offers an alternative to the test of willpower to which many negotiations are reduced. The resulting compromise often leaves everyone displeased.

This workshop presents the Harvard Model and uses role plays, including some proposed by the participants themselves, to practice and deepen an understanding of how to apply the concepts.

Topics include:

  • The Harvard Model
  • Effective negotiating language
  • Your body language and first impressions
  • Creating a climate of trust
  • Handling stalemates
  • Uncovering hidden agendas
  • Countering dirty tricks

Typical workshop length: 1-3 days

Usual number of participants: 6 to 14

Methods: In addition to presentation of material, participants will conduct and analyze their performance in numerous short negotiations. In at least one, a video recording will be made for analysis. Small group work; video playback of a variety of negotiating situations.


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Negotiation Techniques
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