Presentation Skills

In every sector of business the ability to persuasively present ideas to colleagues, senior management, customers, partners and government authorities is a phenomenal advantage. Good speakers are not born; they learn the skills. In this workshop, participants are made familiar with a logical process which leads to designing a winning presentation and have the opportunity to practice and improve their skills in delivery as well.

Topics include:

  • Shaping your message for a specific audience
  • Differences in methods for audiences from different countries
  • Organizing what you will present
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Effective delivery techniques with voice and body language
  • Handling questions
  • Audio and visual support

Typical workshop length: 2 days (1 day for small groups or individual coaching)

Usual number of participants: 6 to 10

Methods: Participants are invited to bring the building blocks for a short presentation from their own work to the workshop. These presentations will be developed, rehearsed and finally presented during the workshop. All participants will be videotaped and receive coaching on specific opportunities for improvement.


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Presentation Skills
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