Self-Assessment & Self-Management

This workshop will help fast-track employees to get in touch with what motivates them and how they are currently balancing life and career. Using several interactive instruments, participants are challenged to take a step back from daily life and coach each other in pairs on how to maximize satisfaction with work and life.

Instruments used:

  • Boshear's Ego Radius Model
  • Keirsey Type Indicator
  • Schein's Career Anchor
  • Covey's work on time-life management

Typical workshop length: 1 day

Usual number of participants: 6 to 36

Methods: Each instrument (self-test) is explained to the participants, then they complete the instrument and go into dyads to explore their responses and finally report back about their findings to the group as a whole.


Cross-Cultural Preparedness
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Techniques
Conflict Management
Customer-Oriented Selling
Trade Fair Selling
Global Team Building & Integration
Coaching Skills
Global Leadership Skills
Self-Assessment & Self-Management
Turning Pressure into Performance
Media Strategy & Crisis Response Planning